4 Essential Skills of Professional Bellydancers

Great dancing alone won't make you a professional.  Good news & bad news depending on how you look at it, but luckily all these skills can be learned & perfected.


Here are the 4 skills broken down (in no particular order):


1. Athletic

I don't mean 'run a 5k marathon' athletic, nor do I mean you have to be any particular body type. This means knowing how to train & nurture your body, how to keep it safe from injury. Knowing what parts of your body help execute what movement. The more in tune you are with your own body, the better your practices & performances will be.  The longer you keep healthy, the longer you can dance! Most professionals cross train their regular dance practices with other forms of exercise, such as Yoga, Pilates, Jogging & more.


2.  Artistic

How creative are you? Do you know where to search for artistic inspiration? How good is your musicality & stage presence? Do you know which area of the stage creates the most impact for your audience? All these things & more factor into your artistic side.


3. Academic

At the professional level, it's not enough to be a good dancer but you also have to know the origins of the type of dance you are doing as well as the many legends that have come before you.  It is extremely important to have cultural knowledge of whatever style you are representing and luckily, the internet is a great free resource for finding such information.  It's also highly beneficial to you to know some Arabic, the bare minimum being that you understand what you are dancing to!


4. Business-Savvy

This is where I clump together everything else a professional should have: ethics, professional behavior, marketing, etc.  If you don't know how to make your own website, then you are resourceful enough to find out someone who can.  You promote your products and services on the right platforms. You keep up with the right people on social media and in real life.  You know your worth as a professional, whether as a teacher or performer.


Do you feel like you are lacking in one area? Don't despair! That's the beauty of this dynamic, all of these skills can be learned and practiced, and you can easily find most resources either for free or low-cost.  Struggling with marketing? Google marketing strategies for freelance and entrepeneurs. Don't feel creative enough? There are many books available via Amazon to spark artistic creativity.  Do some research on what you feel you are lacking and start expanding your professional horizon!


Which area do you want to improve in?