What you can learn about branding from these dance superstars


This month we've talked a whole lot about branding. Hopefully by now you've got some ideas on how to create your own brand for your dance business. Today I wanted to show you some real life examples of other dancers' brands.

1. Carrara Nour, Orlando
I've mentioned Carrara as an example before and it's no surprise she pops up twice when talking about marketing: she studied and working in marketing! 


What I like about her website is that it's been consistent over the years, it's unique, and when you read the copy (the actual website content), it's all her. Knowing her in real life I know that what is on her website is how she talks to clients. Her offers are also very specific and within 3 seconds you know what she's all about. She has clear tabs on how to book her and further down the homepage, you see her credentials and social proof:

The takeaway: make sure your website copy is in your voice, your offers are clear and easy to find, and you have plenty of social proof (awards & testimonials).


2. Datura Online

Not technically one dance superstar but it's still worth mentioning! Datura Online offers online belly dance classes in different styles, from ATS to Pilates for Floorwork Conditioning. Notice that the colors are consistent throughout the website, and the copy is easy to understand and is geared towards beginners and those unfamiliar with online classes.

When you go to their FB Page, their branding doesn't stop there. They have regular updated posts about new classes and you can see they interact with their audience by answering any questions.

The Takeaway: Don't list social media you can't update regularly (or at least put on automate to update regularly for you). Make sure your cover and profile photos match your website.

3. Amar Gamal

Amar's website is beautiful: big professional photos of her as a background image for each page, and each page has an appropriate visual. She even has her own logo which for some reason is really rare to see for bellydancers. The visuals are big, bold, and relevant on each page you click through. If you go to 'Instruction', it's a photo of her in teaching gear, not a fancy performance photo. 

The Takeaway: make sure your visuals are relevant. Your brand colors should be consistent throughout the website but you should also make sure your pictures showcase the related topics: don't post a pic of you backstage with a full face of makeup for your page about beginner's classes.

I hope these examples push you to get to working on your own websites and branding! If you want to share your thoughts about creating your own brand, or have any questions, come on over to the FB group.


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