The advice that changed how I choreograph


I've mentioned before the coin tip that I learned from Aziza and how it helps you create staging for a group of dancers. 

This is another fun tip I learned from Aziza during a weeklong intensive. I swear I’ve had other teachers, but she is definitely one of my top 5 faves.


I remember it was a weeklong intensive back in Orlando and after we did some cross training and learned her choreography, we got to chat about business tips and how to approach choreography. One of us asked her how to you get out of a creative rut when you choreograph? At the same time, how do you avoid wanting to show off everything you’ve ever possibly learned and try to cram it into one song?


Her response,

I try to add in one new thing every choreography. One thing that I’ve never added before, something completely new to me.


It sounds simple enough but look at your last 5 choreographed performances and ask yourself if you are stuck inside your comfort zone. Do you play it safe and stick with what you know? Do you have something entirely different every time so people don’t know what to expect? Neither option is better than the other, both have room for improvement.


Next time you choreograph, ask yourself what you can add that you’ve never done before? It can be as simple as where you stage yourself to as complicated as a new dance skill you’ve been practicing. Whatever it may be, find some place to stick it in the choreography and see how you fill in the rest. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you come up ;)


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