Save yourself a headache with this creative tip for creating group choreography

Most of the choreography I create are for soloists although back in my Orlando troupe days I got to create some fun group pieces. If you've ever created a choreography for a group or troupe, then you know it takes a bit of extra thought because you need to take into account a LOT more.

How many dancers are there? How tall are they? Do you want them to move in sync the entire time? Or do you create a smaller group to focus on? If so, what are the other dancers doing?

And probably the most challenging of all:
what should the staging look like?


One creative and easy way to solve staging is going to save you hours and headaches. All you need are a handful of coins.

Grab a handful of whatever coins you want, heck it even be buttons. Grab a handful of them, with each coin counting for one dancer.


Simple drop the coins from your hand and see where they land.


Et voila!


Now before you think I am crazy, take a look at where they landed and see if that can be used as staging at all. Is there a small grouping and the rest are scattered? Are the coins mainly grouped together in one corner? If you visualize this on stage it may have the potential to turn out to be really cool!


I first learned this tip from Aziza and I believe she read it from a book but I’m not sure which one (if you know, please share!). The beauty of this is that you can come up with an endless amount of possibilities and you don’t have to stress yourself over where to stage which dancers. You can try it out and see what fits and if you need more ideas, just try again.


So if you are looking for a way to fix up some staging but don’t feel like spending too long on it, try out the coin trick and see how you like it.


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