Why your dance business needs Instagram


Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms, and for good reason! It has a clean, magazine-style look of your feed and with Instagram Stories rolling out better features every day, it’s easy to incorporate video into the same platform. One of my biggest problems with Snapchat was getting and finding followers where with Instagram you can easily search for hashtags, profiles and can engage with your followers either via photo or video on one platform. Less of a hassle makes it easier to use (in my opinion). So let’s take a look at why your bellydance biz needs to be on Instagram:


1. You can promote your prettiest visuals

IG is all about beautiful visuals. This is a great opportunity to post your best photos, whether it be from a photoshoot, your workshops, travel photos, whatever. The more beautiful, the better! IG has an undertone of professional quality photos so grainy unedited photos won’t perform as well. If photography is a passion of yours, then this is a great platform to try out!

2. Give followers an insight into your life (with a caveat)

As with all social media, we tend to only post the positives on Instagram and because the platform demands high quality photos and content, anything less could cause you to not do well on IG. However, it does give a great behind the scenes look at your life and your work, which people definitely want to see! If something doesn’t fit your grid (the photos on IG), then you can post it on Instagram Stories and it will disappear within 24 hours anyway.

3. It’s a great option for those that don’t like to blog

I’ve mentioned this in a podcast before: you need to be producing weekly content. Whether it be through a podcast, videos, blogging, etc. You need to providing content every week if you are at all serious about your business. Whether you are at a stage where it’s still a side hustle or if this is how you make your sole living, you need to come up with a plan on what to bring to the table on a weekly basis. If you aren’t a fan of blogging, Instagram is a great option. You can use it as a sort of mini blog in where your photos are excellent and you write lengthy captions that encourage engagement with your audience. It obviously has its drawbacks. For one, so far you can’t add any clickable urls into the caption itself which means you can’t track progress. But you can create ads, track followers, and track impressions if you switch to a business profile.

Try and post once a day for a couple of weeks and see how well you do on Instagram. You can use Later or Buffer to schedule posts where you can plan ahead of time and get a notification when it’s time to post. Make sure to post with intention and look at your profile as as a magazine: showcase your best photos, with a mix of video and photos or a variety of different photos.


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