Guest Post: 4 Steps to get Through Dancer's Choreography Block with Amartia

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Hey everyone, as promised, here is a special guest blog post written by the lovely Amartia to help you get through choreography block. Enjoy!


Steps to get Through Dancer’s Choreography Block


We have all been there. You’ve got the song, you’ve got some great ideas, and you sit down to start choreographing and then BAM nothing. No new ideas or moves, nothing comes to you. You’ve hit the white space. You’ve hit choreography block. There are some instances where you may say, forget it! There’s only 30 seconds left, I can improve that! But, what if there is more? Or you only got 30 seconds into the song and there’s MINUTES left! Then what? Well, lucky for you I have come up with 4 steps to help you get through your choreography block!


  1. Go do something else- I know obvious, right? This isn’t as easy as you might think. For those of us that are stubborn, it is hard for us to let go. You need to go and do something completely different- not bellydance related. Your mind needs to completely let go of the song and the choreography to make room for inspiration to hit.

  2. Watch YouTube videos- This can go both ways: watching bellydance or just dance. You can go online and watch another dancer’s videos and that may give you that aha moment. I’m not advocating taking another dancer’s choreography but perhaps a hip drop or a transition will give you that push or glimmer of inspiration you need to finish your own choreography. OR you can watch dance videos of any genre. Sometimes other forms of dance and performances can inspire you!

  3. Dance your choreography to a completely different song- Take the choreography that you do have and put on a different piece of music. What would you do next in that piece of music? Perhaps these other song also fits the choreography of your current piece of music. If it doesn’t work, then take it one step farther and dance it to a different genre of music.

  4. Look over previous choreographies- What is old can now be made new again!  Read over your choreographies and see if any of them fit your new piece. Is there a move that you can borrow and put into your new piece? Or perhaps inspiration will strike from an old move and you will create a completely new one!

There you have it, my 4 tips to overcome dancer choreography block. I hope that they have helped you in some way. If you have any of your own that you would like to share, please feel free! We have all needed help like this from time to time!


Amartia is a multi-award winning bellydancer from Baltimore, Maryland. Amartia offers princess birthday party and wedding entertainment in Maryland. She is the creator of the Bellydance Happy Hour for Bachelorette and Girl's Night parties. She has been belly dancing and entertaining in Baltimore for many years and her unique blend of enthusiasm and Greco-Egyptian style has made her a crowd favorite!


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