Less is More: what it is & how to use it in your next improv


Less is more is a concept I’m so fond of that I created a free email series all about it!


For me it means less cramming every movement ever invented and more relaxation, genuine expression, and joy. Beyond actually dancing and within creating a business, it means less worrying so much about how things are going to work out and more actionable steps to follow your dreams.


When it comes to improvisation, I like to teach my students less is more. It’s easy to get carried away in the moment, especially if you feel unprepared and on the spot. In bellydance that usually translates to trying to fit every movement you’ve ever learned so you can prove that you know what you’re doing. But I’m here to tell you don’t have to prove anything to anybody, you just have to be you and enjoy yourself.

You probably didn’t get into bellydance ever thinking you were going to go pro. I know I didn’t! But this is where it led me, and probably you, too. With that, we’ve had to learn how to not only keep growing as an artist, but how to manage a business completely new to us, how to draft contracts, contact workshop hosts, create different workshop topics, find studio locations for weekly classes, and the list goes on. And it’s really easy to disconnect with why we started dancing in the first place. So when we do get a chance to perform, our minds tend to wander more into “am I going to get a good video of this? I really should post it on YouTube and Facebook. And actually, I should send it to this contact for this festival. Which reminds me that I need to book myself in that workshop.” etc.


We forget to truly be in the moment and our body goes on autopilot, disconnecting with the experience of performing yet at the same time struggling to fill in the gaps in the music. We panic and over think “am I entertaining enough?!” while still trying to shove every bellydance movement we’ve ever learned, asking for approval from an audience we will probably never dance for again in our lifetime.


This is where less is more comes in.


I feel this is one of the differences between a hobbyist and a professional. Knowing deep down that you are enough when you are on stage and it’s now time to enjoy. Of course there is always more to learn, and you should never stop learning and let yourself be inspired. But this shouldn’t deter you from the fact that what you’ve got to show the audience is great as is if you let yourself relax and actually enjoy what you are doing. With improv, the nerves kick in usually because we don’t know what is going to happen next. But if you take the steps I mentioned in the past few weeks, you can definitely prepare and feel more in charge. Now that you’re better prepared, what’s stopping you from letting it go and enjoying yourself instead of worrying what move comes next?


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