The 3 questions you need to ask yourself to create your unique mission statement


We’ve gone over how to brand yourself and we’ve talked about what a mission statement is. Today I want to focus more on how to craft your unique mission statement. In order to do so, you need to ask yourself the following questions:


1. Who do I serve?

Who is your target client? Who do you dream of working with? Take a look at your offers and ask yourself who you would love to help. You are helping your ideal client attract their ideal client, so once you have this question answered, you are a step further to growing your business. Feel free to be as specific as possible!


Weak example: I help dancers.

Better example: I help new mothers in the Orlando area who want to teach post-natal bellydance classes.


2. What do I help them with?

Why should they care? What can you offer them? What’s in it for them? Ask yourself, if I want to hire someone to dance at my wedding, why should I hire this person over someone else?


Weak example: I help entertain your guests.

Better example: I will create a memorable, elegant and joyful experience at your once-in-a-lifetime special event.


3. How do I help them?

Finally, how do you help them with all of this? Remember that a strong selling strategy is easing someone’s fears and pain; if you teach a workshop on stage presence, then one selling point is that you’ll teach them how to avoid nerves, remain calm on stage, and enjoy dancing again.


Weak example: I teach bellydance.

Better example: I teach stage presence tips for bellydancers by helping you overcome your stage jitters and how to gain confidence while performing.


Now put answers 1-3 together and there you have your mission statement!


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