7 Ways To Get Ready For Your Next Photoshoot

We’re already more than halfway through the year which makes it a great time to review your belly dance business and see what needs updating. A great way to start is getting a fresh new set of photos to help promote you and your business!


Here are 7 ways to get ready for your next photo shoot:


1. Collect pictures of your favorite poses

Live action shots are great but hard to capture. For example, if you shimmy, a photo may not be able to capture it in full essence. Take a look online and see what inspires you. It doesn’t have to always be dance related! See what poses work best for your personality and try and re-create them in front of a mirror.


2. Get a good night’s sleep

And drink lots of water! No amount of makeup can fix your low energy on a long day of shooting. You want to be awake (and in a good mood!)


3. Test out your costumes beforehand

And gather them in an organized fashion. You never know how a costume will fit you weeks after your scheduled shoot and you don’t want to be rummaging through your bag to try and find everything. You can pack your costumes with its matching accessories and jewelry into a small bag to make your life easier.


4. Bring back-up shoes

This is especially helpful if you’re shooting outdoors.  I always like to pack a pair of comfortable flats to wear in between costume changes. Don’t forget your cover up!


5. Pack as many props as you can carry

This depends on how much time you have with your photographer but it’s best to bring all the props you normally work with so you can get good use out of them. You never know when that picture of you balancing that sword on your head will come in handy.


6. Make sure your makeup is camera-ready

The strong lights will wash you out so don’t be afraid to go heavier than normal on the eyes, lips and cheeks.  Don’t forget to bring your makeup bag with a mirror and comb.


7. Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes

Unless you love driving home sitting on a bunch of beads. Or even better, taking the subway in your cover up and full makeup!


What are your favorite ways to get ready for a photo shoot? Share in the comment section below!