4 Free Smartphone Apps Perfect for Belly Dancers

Here's a little tech-related tip to make your lives easier!

Please note: I do not endorse any of these products nor am I responsible for them.  Some may not be available in certain countries or Android phones.

1. Yala Radio

This is a great tool which helps you look up hundreds of different songs and albums by a huge variety of Middle Eastern singers & musicians. You can also access it online via yala.fm. For teachers, this is a great resource to give to your students where they can easily access music by genre.

2. Rhythm ID

There are a few other rhythm related apps out there, this just happens to be the one that I have used the most. It's an easy tool to practice listening to some of the most common Middle Eastern rhythms and then you get to test yourself.  No excuses for not knowing Saidi from Maqsoum!

3. Trip Case

Organize your belly dance weekend getaways with this easy to use app that allows you to store everything in one convenient place.  Perfect for the traveling belly dancer!

4. Everest

We all need a motivational boost every now and then. Create steps to achieve your goals and watch yourself reach them with this motivational app. 


What other apps do you find useful?