These tools will save you hours on social media


Social media is all fun and games until we’re sucked down the internet hole and have wasted 2 hours pinning on Pinterest or scrolling on Instagram. It’s one of those things that you have to be really careful with and mindful of how you spend your time: it’s a great addition to marketing your dance business but you don’t want to spend all your focus on social media.


Below are the tools I use to help me schedule my social media days, sometimes weeks, in advance:


Buffer for social media scheduling

Buffer is my go to for all my social media platforms. You can use the free version to connect a few social media profiles, which is great if you are just starting out. I’ve used the Awesome plan because I have social media profiles for my other business too and need the option to schedule for all of them. For less than $10 a month, this saves me a lot of headache of having to schedule social media one by one. It’s also popular enough that it connects to other services so you can automate even easier (more on that below). Plus, their blog has great insights and tips into social media marketing so if you’re a newbie to the world of digital marketing, I highly recommend reading a few of their articles!


Recurpost for handling FB Group automation

I was recently turned to this platform for scheduling FB group messages and it’s saved me for when I’ve reached my Buffer limit. This is great because you can put in what posts need to go out on which days and it’ll post to the Facebook groups automatically for you. The interface could be simpler and more well designed but I hope they’ll update in the near future. It’s also free for the basic plan. Another option is Meet Edgar which is more expensive and doesn’t have a free option. I would suggest trying out Recur Post to see if this type of social media batching is right for you.


Pocket for collecting links

This is like a cloud-based bookmarking app where you can store links you want to read later. It downloads the links as offline reads to your phone or tablet so you can read them on the go. This is great when you find an article that you want to read but don’t have the time to read it right away. I have this hooked up to IFTT (if this then that) so when I favorite a link it sends it automatically to my Buffer queue for Twitter. I don’t even need to go back into Buffer to manually add it so this saves me a bunch of time.


IFTT and Zapier for automating

These two are the best tools for automation. IFTT has a bunch possible automation “recipes” that simplifies your life. Zapier is the same but they have a pro version where you pay monthly. I use the free versions of both and personally find myself using IFTT more but both are great. You can automate practically everything between the two, from sending automatic Twitter replies when someone follows you, to automatically pinning your latest Instagram photo to your Pinterest board.


*Later for scheduling Instagram posts

If you use Buffer you won’t need Later to schedule your IG posts but it’s still a great tool to visually see your upcoming posts. It’s a great free alternative, although they do also have pro plans. I particularly love their feed overview where you can see how your feed will look like on the phone once you post. It sends a notification to your phone when it’s time to post and you copy and paste the text into Instagram and you’re done! Click here to get 10 extra free posts your first month!


*Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling

Pinterest is so much fun but once you start getting more strategic about posting, you need additional help. Tailwind is a great way to schedule multiple posts to different boards all at once, plus they have suggested times to post so you can get maximum engagement. Click here to try your first month free on their Plus plan!


Now that you have no excuse to 1) spend too much time on social media and 2) not be serious about your social media strategy, how are you going to use these tools to help your bellydance biz?


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