5 Stage Makeup Mistakes You Are Making

If you’re like me, you don’t like wearing tons of makeup in your ‘normal’ life and prefer to stick to foundation, eyeliner and mascara only. Sadly, this won’t fly when you perform on stage under bright lights and audiences are farther away. The first thing your audience will notice about you is your face and expression and they can’t see that if you’re wearing the wrong kind of makeup.


Here are 4 stage makeup mistakes you’re probably making (don’t worry, I’ve made them, too!):


1. You don’t wear blush

You shouldn’t look like a clown but your cheeks need to have a brighter than normal rosy glow. Try experimenting at home to see which colors work best for you. You can even head to a MAC counter and see what their pros say your best shade is. Check out how to find your shade of blush here.


2. You wear pink or nude lipstick

This is probably my most least favorite part of my stage makeup routine: having to ditch the nude lipstick and wear red instead. This is especially important because if you wear a muted color, no one can see your lips on stage, therefore they can’t see your facial expression. Look online for what your best shade could be and experiment with different tones. I personally prefer a darker shade of red for myself. Find out what shade of red is best for you here.


3. You don’t define your eyebrows

You don’t need to tattoo or pencil them in (please don’t, actually). You want them to look natural but bold. They help shape your eyes and make them look bolder and brighter. This is especially important if you have thinner eyebrows or have overplucked them. You can learn how to fill in your brows with this short video.


4. You wear only one eyeshadow color

I used to just slab on some black eyeshadow and call it a day but that just made me look like a raccoon on stage. Make your eyes pop more by using contrasting colors and leaving the darker colors to the outside of your eyes and crease, adding lighter color to the inside corners of your lid. Here’s a great close up of makeup artist Linda Halberg’s smokey eye shadow look. You can easily see how she makes her eyes bigger by drawing the attention from the outer corners.


5. You don’t clean your makeup brushes

Your brushes are filled with dirty bacteria that can cause skin irritation and eye infections when not properly cleaned. If you use your brushes regularly, take some time out every week to give them a nice rinse. Find out how to clean them here.


What makeup mistakes have you been making? Comment below!