Learn how to dance with double veils in under 1 hour or your money back!

Do you want to learn the Art of Double Veil but worry it’s too difficult for you?

Many dancers shy away from double veil because it looks too difficult or they have trouble dancing with one veil, let alone two. Perhaps you’ve tried it before and there was too much focus on never-ending turns and spins, and not enough actual dancing.

But what most dancers don’t know is that double veil is easy once you know the basics!

You can learn how to dance with two veils even if you are struggling with just one.  You can incorporate double veils into your routine even if you never dance with props. No matter your style or level, you can be creative and add a graceful touch to your next performance!

In Double Veil Delight you will learn how to make your own double veil routine by learning:

  • Basics of Handling Double Veils

  • Elegant Finales

  • Various Veil Movements & Steps

  • 3 Combinations you can use for almost any piece of music

Practice your Turns & Spins in the Bonus Section

In the Bonus Features, you will learn:

  • Types of Turns used in this DVD

  • How to Spot

  • Which Spotting Technique is Best for Which Type of Turn

  • How to Combat Dizziness  

The Bonus Features also shows a full performance by Žana, showcasing all the movements you’ve learned.

Double Veil Delight has already sold in 10 countries across 4 continents!

Here is what dancers are saying: 

This DVD is great for anyone wanting to learn double veil! Žana explains each movement in a clear and concise manner. She slows down the demonstrations of the moves as she explains them. The DVD is a great addition to my collection!
— Apolonia, Orlando, FL
Dear Žana, your DVD is very well structured & demanding! Thank you!
— Selena, Hungary
This wonderful DVD has everything you need to learn double veil except the veils! With clear and concise explanation Žana takes you step by step with the final goal being mastery of this beautiful veil technique. I love it and would recommend this DVD to everyone!
— Francesca, FL

You might be wondering if…

What if I never danced with a veil before? In this DVD you will learn the basics of how to hold two veils in addition to movements you can use for single veil as well. Simply rewind and practice again!

I can’t spin for a long time. Does this DVD focus a lot on that? This DVD doesn’t focus entirely on turns, although there is a bonus section on spins just to help you out. But you can easily do the combinations and movements without turning endlessly. You will learn how to dance with two veils, not just spin yourself dizzy!

How is this DVD different from other double veil DVDs? Most DVDs focus on teaching you a choreography and while that’s a great learning tool, Double Veil Delight teaches you the basics and short combinations that will allow you to add your own flair and make your own choreography.

What if I find out the DVD is not for me? You can try this DVD risk-free when you purchase the hard copy through this website.

Money-Back Guarantee

Try the DVD out for 30 days & if it’s not for you, simply e-mail Žana for a refund! No strings attached. Send Žana an email with your paypal receipt and you will get a full refund minus shipping costs.  Guarantee only applies to purchases made for the hard copy DVD purchased online directly from Žana.

Double Veil Delight DVD / 50 min. / NTSC-Region Free Format

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