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Mejance Magic

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to choreograph a full length mejance (aka an Egyptian intro piece), then this workshop’s for you! In the “Mejance Magic” workshop you’ll learn a choreography to an eclectic piece full of exciting rhythms including bits of Saidi and Iraqi Kawleeya! It’ll also give you one of many examples of how to approach your own mejance choreography and how to break down each section to form a full choreography.  

35€ vor 10.Oktober, 2019

40€ nach 4.Oktober, 2019

50€ an der Tür (wenn es Platz gibt)

Improvisation Station

Never fear improvisation again!

If the thought of improvising makes you want to hang up your hip scarf and never dance again, then “improvisation station” will ease all your improv fears! This special workshop teaches you where to start when it comes to improvisation, what to do when you get stuck so you don’t freeze like a deer in the headlights! This workshops will also feature some special bonus content on technique from my “Delicate Details” workshop giving you helpful and useful conscious technique practice tips. 

35€ vor 15. November, 2019

40€ nach 16. November, 2019

50€ an der Tür (wenn es Platz gibt)

Bellydance & Folklore Workshops 

A firm believer in bringing out your own unique style & personality while honoring the feelings and culture of Egyptian dance, Žana is constantly improving her own skills to ensure she gives her students the best quality instruction.  Never too selfish to share her knowledge, she often cites her own previous instructors (60 & counting!) and provides her students with more than just a set of moves, but also the cultural context and reasoning behind them.  Žana always allows students to videotape choreographies for their own personal practice and even lets them download her detailed workshop notes.

Workshops can be taught in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, & Bosnian.




Don't be a copycat and make it your own! Learn what makes it "Modern Egyptian" and how you can incorporate your own personality in this technique-based workshop. Once you have grasped the technique, you will learn a short choreography, making sense of what you have learned.

Intermediate Level


Learn the elegance of double veils and how to incorporate them into your bellydance routine! This is Žana's most frequently requested workshop and she has recently produced a Double Veil Instructional DVD.

Open Level


If you feel like you've mastered one assaya (stick) and want to challenge yourself, then this workshop is for you! Learn how to manipulate two assayas while still dancing to the music, as well as learn some cool tricks that are sure to dazzle your audience!

Intermediate Level


Unleashing your personality & connecting with the audience, this technique-based workshop will teach you how to truly project stage presence and confidence by working with what you've already got!

Open Level


If the mere thought of improvisation terrifies you, then this workshop is a must! Learn the tips and technique of improvisation all while dancing with grace and self-confidence. You will surely never fear improvisation again!

Intermediate Level


Come learn the basics of Middle Eastern Folklore, from Saidi, Nubian, Khaleegy and beyond! The cultural background of each will be covered as well as basic steps to add to your repertoire. You will need to bring a stick & thobe.

Open Level



Stand out from the crowd! A classic song with beautiful lyrics which will not only look great on stage, but also make you different for choosing to dance to a lesser known classic piece.

Intermediate Level


Learn proper Shaabi style and have fun at the same time! We will briefly explore the sub-genres of shaabi music and what makes it shaabi style before diving into a fun shaabi routine.

Open Level


In this soulful workshop, you will learn what sets apart Tarab from all other genres of Arabic music and how to express yourself and your interpretations onto the stage.

Intermediate Level


Tired of the same drum solo over and over again? Come learn a funky & unique drum solo sure to make you stand out!

Intermediate Level


This workshop focuses on the Mejanse designed to showcase your talent as a dancer, exploring different rhythms and traveling patterns.

Intermediate Level

What students are saying

Thanks Žana, the Shaabi was great and Less is More gave them lots to think about. I loved everything you did.
— Ann Hall, Kent, UK
Saidi Workshop in Orlando, FL, USA

Saidi Workshop in Orlando, FL, USA

Double Veil Workshop in Karmoy, Norway

Double Veil Workshop in Karmoy, Norway

I learned a great amount in the Improvisation workshop! All of the advice given was valuable and Žana is a fun, supportive and knowledgable teacher!
— Sureya, London, UK
I never get fed up of seeing Žana perform, as she’s not only a very accomplished dancer, she’s an absolute delight to watch.
— Krystina, London, UK
Saidi Workshop, Orlando, FL, USA

Saidi Workshop, Orlando, FL, USA

Saidi Workshop in Karmoy, Norway

Saidi Workshop in Karmoy, Norway

It was a pleasure to have a Private Lesson with Žana. She is a very knowledgable teacher and very helpful, I’d definitely recommend her!
— Elodie, London, UK
Žana is a proficient, talented and pretty dancer. She has all the merits of a top dancer with a high sense of music and a great passion for dancing.
— Sallam Alsheikh, London, UK
Workshop in Karmoy, Norway

Workshop in Karmoy, Norway

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